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Steven Dumar Author

Steven Dumar

Award-winning author

Debut book out now

International Bestseller

Spread Your Wings

Born and raised in captivity, Puck is resigned to a lifetime of confinement.


Everything in Avalona, however, is not as it appears.

As the young parrot dares to question the nature of the cage his whole world unravels until he is faced with the ultimate dilemma:

fight or flight?

Spread Your Wings is a thought-provoking dystopian coming-of-age story about challenging what you've been led to believe, questioning your paradigm and following your intuition.

Animal Farm meets Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

Spread Your Wings

Also available in Audiobook

Spread Your Wings Audiobook

Spread Your Wings is a beautiful and inspiring short story. The author's writing style is engaging and vivid, making it easy to connect with the characters and their journey. The story is heartwarming and thought-provoking, exploring themes of self-discovery and personal growth. I found myself completely immersed in the story, and the ending left me feeling inspired and uplifted. Overall, I would highly recommend "Spread Your Wings" to anyone looking for a touching and meaningful read.

Praise & Reviews

Amazing little book! It puts you right into the relatable perspective of being trapped like modern day society, your inner soul cries to break free but your socially driven to 'play your role' you can really feel Pucks character and viewpoint when he becomes 'woke'! beautifully written and the story is delivered perfectly!

Animal Farm meets The Truman Show. This novella is written beautifully and was truly enjoyable from start to finish. A perfect mix of self discovery and a reflection on society. The story telling is so clever and the choice of vocabulary is perfect. I sometimes struggle with returning to books but this story had me hooked and I finished it in one sitting! You can tell so much passion has been put in to this project. 100% recommend

New Release

New Book ​Out Now!

What do magical musical emporiums, strange secret societies,
and insane shipwrecked islanders
have in common?...

Welcome to the weird, surreal universe of Steven Dumar’s Six Degrees;
an interconnected
 collection of stories loosely based on the concept popularised by the phone salesman Kevin Bacon.

Whether fantastical or set in the everyday, Dumar’s stories lead us down a rabbit hole of the human psyche,
contemplating the absurd nature of existence, where ‘normal’ rules don’t apply, and not everything is as it seems

Steven Dumar Six Degrees

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Ivybridge Bookshop - 29/2/24

Steven Dumar Author

About Steven Dumar

After receiving a first-class degree in Creative Writing at the Arts University Bournemouth, Steve moved down the south coast to complete postgraduate studies at the University of Plymouth.
He submitted several versions of Spread Your Wings on various modules, including as a dissertation.

Every professor, however, discouraged Steve from ‘wasting his time’ writing about a parrot, and instead focus his attention on more important matters, such as ‘postmodernism’ or something.
This is Steven Dumar’s debut book, about a parrot.

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