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New Release

New Book ​Out Now!

What do magical musical emporiums, strange secret societies,
and insane shipwrecked islanders
have in common?...

Welcome to the weird, surreal universe of Steven Dumar’s Six Degrees;
an interconnected
 collection of stories loosely based on the concept popularised by the phone salesman Kevin Bacon.

Whether fantastical or set in the everyday, Dumar’s stories lead us down a rabbit hole of the human psyche,
contemplating the absurd nature of existence, where ‘normal’ rules don’t apply, and not everything is as it seems

Steven Dumar Six Degrees

Spread Your Wings


Born and raised in captivity,

Puck is resigned to a lifetime of confinement.
Everything in Avalona, however,

is not as it appears.

As the young parrot dares

to question the nature of the cage

his whole world unravels

until he is faced with the ultimate dilemma:

fight or flight?

Spread Your Wings is a thought-provoking dystopian
novella about challenging what you've been led to believe, questioning your current paradigm,

and following your intuition.


Steven Dumar Spread Your Wings

             Book Three

      'Six Degrees Darker'

               Coming                            2025

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