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Steven Dumar's Biography

Steven Dumar Author

Writing was never part of the plan.


I had discovered Neverland and never wanted to leave.


The year was 2016 and it felt like I had cheated the system; a glitch in the Matrix. I found myself on a tropical island off the coast of Cambodia, living wild and free in paradise with a fellow bandit of misfits, dancing under palm trees and sinking cocktails out of coconuts with little umbrellas. La Dolce Vita. The Good Life.

After a few weeks of this hedonism, however, I grew restless so started walking around the island like a poor man's Robinson Crusoe. Strolling along the beach one day, a local invited me into their bamboo hut for a pot of tea. Now any respectable Englishman can never refuse a cup of tea, so I sat on their balcony making small talk and watching the world go by.

On the porch was a little green parrot in a tiny cage. It could hardly move, let alone fly.

I sat there for some time, sipping tea whilst staring at this sad little parrot. We made eye contact and were sharing a moment when all of a sudden a whole flock of them came whooshing by. As the caged bird watched his family fly past it dropped its head, crestfallen.

Something about that moment struck me. The fact its flock was flying around just outside its cage seemed so unjust, so unnecessary. I couldn't wrap my head around it, so finished my tea, said my goodbyes and walked back along the bay, deep in contemplation. 


At this time I was undergoing something of a mystical awakening, coming to terms with the reality that everything I'd ever been told by society was lie to manipulate us into bondage.

I felt like that caged parrot.

The two dots connected. The seed of a story germinated. I went back to my shack, picked up a pen and paper for the first time since school, and started scribbling.

The rest, they say, is history.

Seven years later those scribblings have manifested into my debut book 'Spread Your Wings'.

If you like it please spread the word about Spread Your Wings and leave a positive review!

Book Two 'Six Degrees' due to be released 2024...

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